Twenty-Eight Motorcycle Fatalities in Minnesota This Year

Posted on 08/22/2014Back

Three motorcyclists died in the span of 10 hours on August 4, bringing the number of motorcyclists killed in Minnesota during 2014 to 28. According to press reports, this represents a 31 percent reduction from the same time last year.

GoldenbergLaw’s Minnesota motorcycle accident lawyers are glad to see the sharp reduction in motorcycle fatalities. State records indicate that 41 motorcyclists had died at this point in 2013.

However, the tragic accidents that took place during such a dramatically small window of time bring home the danger that motorcyclists face every time they take to the road. It’s why we urge all motorcyclists to exercise exceptional caution on their bikes and wear helmets at all times.

And it’s also why our motorcycle accident lawyers fight so hard for the innocent victims of these accidents. We believe motorcyclists have a right to enjoy their hobby in a safe and legal fashion. Reckless or negligent driving from others on the road puts motorcyclists at extreme risk.

That’s not right. We can help if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident. And if a loved one was killed during such an accident, we can help you decide if a wrongful death claim is appropriate.

If you’re a Minnesota resident and want to speak to our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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