GoldenbergLaw Past Successes

Minneapolis - St. Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota & Nationwide

GoldenbergLaw has successfully represented thousands of injured people for almost 30 years. We have collected nearly 80 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. At GoldenbergLaw, we pride ourselves on making a difference in our client’s lives by helping them:

  • obtain treatment and therapy to cope with their situations,
  • get their bills paid,
  • allow them to return to work or get the retraining they need
  • collect their wage loss or loss of earnings
  • negotiate liens with the health carriers
  • counsel them through the litigation process
  • obtain the best settlement available and help them move on with their lives.

GoldenbergLaw Past Successes

Here are some examples of clients we have assisted:

35W Bridge Collapse: We successfully helped clients and their families recover for both injuries and deaths in this tragic situation. We were part of a legal team that helped recover more than 100 million dollars for injured victims. As a result, we received “The Award of Professional Excellence” from the Minnesota State Bar Association.

$5,000,000 settlement (18 million dollar structured settlement) for a young boy hit by an American Linen Truck who suffered severe brain damage. We were able to build him and his family a handicap accessible home and allow him to receive 24 hour care.

$10,000,000 settlement for victims of a defective drug causing heart attacks and strokes.

$5,000,000 settlement for victims of defective diet drugs.

$1,200,000 Medical malpractice settlement for a 25 year old man who sustained an amputation of a leg below the knee.

$1,250,000 settlement for motorcyclist who suffered a calcaneal fracture of his foot with multiple surgeries.

$1,000,000 settlement for a 45 year old woman in an auto crash who suffered multiple cervical fusions and disability.

$4,000,000 settlement for victims of a defective birth control pill causing DVTs.

$1,300,000 settlement for victims of a defective drug causing behavioral disorders.

$1,000,000 verdict for the death of 55-year-old woman hit as a pedestrian by a truck.

$950,000 settlement for 31-year-old man who suffered a de-gloving injury by a defective spring machine.

$2,500,000 settlement for victims of a defective drug causing heart attacks and strokes.

Numerous confidential settlements for injured clients regarding various products including: tire rim failures, children’s toys, ladders, saws, cranes, compactors, washing machine fires, plastic extrusion machines, shredders, hoists, conveyor systems, bucket trucks, aerial lifts, power poles, automobile defects, drain cleaner, gas explosions, defective heaters, medical equipment and many other industrial, commercial and household products.

Thousands of settlements and over 70 jury verdicts for clients injured in automobile, motorcycle and truck collisions.