Long-Term Financial Damages from Car Accidents

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There are certain expenses that are obvious in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. Everyone understands that they’ll have to pay to repair their vehicle and that any resulting medical expenses are likely to be significant.

However, the financial damages resulting from an accident are long-term in nature. You can feel the economic effects of your accident for the rest of your life. At GoldenbergLaw, our Minneapolis car accident lawyers are committed to pursuing every bit of the compensation you deserve.

We have a thorough understanding of the economics of car accidents and how such a wreck can impact your life.

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Lingering Medical Bills

We all understand that medical care isn’t free. You get in an accident, suffer an injury and you have to pay to treat it. However, particularly in the case of catastrophic injuries, things are rarely so simple.

Severe injuries, which might not even make themselves known in the immediate aftermath of an accident, often require lifetime treatment. These conditions are not resolved with one hospital visit. Instead, you and your family might be facing a lifetime of:

  • Expensive medications, including painkillers
  • Physical therapy
  • Multiple surgical procedures
  • In-house care and medical attention

Our car accident lawyers understand how expensive these treatments are. Pursuing as much compensation as possible after your accident is crucial if you are to afford the medical care you need.

Struggling To Work

This is true in large part because a serious injury doesn’t just impose significant up-front and long-term costs. It can also seriously impede your ability to earn a meaningful income.

Many of our injured clients find that they are unable to perform their expected job duties after suffering a car accident. Quite a few of them are unable to work at all. But the bills don’t stop.

Fortunately, personal injury law provides these clients with options. Our car accident lawyers can pursue compensation for lost wages and diminished earning capacity. We can demonstrate to a court what you could have reasonably expected to earn throughout your lifetime with your particular education, skill set and work history.

GoldenbergLaw takes a deeply personal approach to the practice of personal injury law. Every action we take will be with your long-term interests in mind.

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