Talcum Powder Trial Update

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After more than a week of voir dire in the Giannecchini case, ample live testimony has now been provided including the testimony of Dr. Roberta Ness and Mr. David Steinberg. 

Defendant's focused their cross examination of Dr. Ness, the former dean of the University of Texas School of Public Health and former president of the American Epidemiological Society, on regulatory bodies and organizations focusing on ovarian cancer as well as how those organizations address talcum powder as a causal factor of ovarian cancer.

Mr. Steinberg, Plaintiff's cosmetic regulations expert, was cross examined on topics such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC's) designation of talc, the impact of such a designation, and other substances with similar IARC designations. 

Defendants also attempted to characterize their actions as responsible through use of internal documents and discussion of other talcum powder companies' lack of ovarian cancer warnings.

Plaintiff's counsel reminded the jury of Defendants' responsibility to make consumers aware of the risks associated with their products. 

Dr. Larry Copeland, Defendants' expert gynecologic oncologist, testified that he did not believe talc caused ovarian cancer in general and also did not believe talcum powder caused ovarian cancer in Mrs. Giannecchini.  During cross examination, Plaintiff's counsel pointed out numerous inconsistencies in Dr. Copeland's prior testimony. 

Video testimony was then presented of Johnson & Johnson's corporate representative, Lorena Telofski, as well as Ms. Giannecchini's treating physician.

Plaintiff is expected to rest today, and the trial should conclude sometime next week. 






Monday, October 24, 2016 - 08:00