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Gas Explosions

Local and national gas companies have a responsibility to ensure gas lines are properly installed by avoiding the use of cross bores. By complying with industry safety standards, gas companies can ensure that people, homes and businesses are kept out of harm’s way. Despite knowledge of the dangers of improperly installing gas lines, it does occur. Defective gas lines can seriously injure and kill innocent people as well as cause extensive property damage.

What Is Cross Boring?

The technique of cross boring does not use digging, visual aids or exposing current underlying sewage lines. Rather, cross boring occurs when gas pipelines are installed blindly, with complete understanding that the pipelines could cross sewer lines. When a gas pipeline is drilled into an existing sewer line or when a gas line is ruptured, explosions can occur.

These explosions can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Our law firm was integral in securing compensation for a woman whose home exploded due to cross boring. You can read more about this case in our In the News section.

We have recovered more than $70 million on behalf of our clients. With more than 25 years of experience, we have handled some of the largest catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims in our state and around the country.

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