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GoldenbergLaw’s personal injury lawyers want you to remember that, as a consumer, you have certain rights. The most fundamental of those rights is being safe while using products. Product manufacturers have a responsibility to either warn about product dangers or re-design the product by making reasonable changes to it. Unfortunately, designers and manufacturers of too many products fail to live up to their legal obligations. Their negligence can cause innocent people to suffer unnecessary pain.

At GoldenbergLaw, our defective product lawyers have the specialized experience required for successful product liability claims. While based in Minnesota, our attorneys have helped victims of defective products from all across the country. If you need a personal injury lawyer with ample experience in defective product law, please call GoldenbergLaw today at 877-544-1757 for a free consultation.

Examples of Defective Products

There are, of course, many different ways that various types of products can be defective. At GoldenbergLaw, our personal injury lawyers focus their attention on helping innocent people who’ve been hurt by these products.

We help people hurt by the following defective products:

Mistakes in design or manufacture can be deadly. For example, General Motors has admitted that multiple people died as a result of faulty ignition switches in many of their vehicles.

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What to Do After Being Hurt by a Defective Product

After suffering an injury from a defective product, you need to start thinking about your health and your legal rights. You’re not being unreasonable or litigious for considering the possibility of pursuing compensation for your injuries.

When you’re hurt by a defective product, you should:

  • Immediately seek medical attention, even if you don’t suspect the injury is severe.
  • Gather information from witnesses, if there were any.
  • Take photographs.
  • Keep the product. Be careful when handling it and don’t put yourself at extra risk, but make sure you don’t dispose of it.
  • Collect all available documentation related to the product, including receipts, purchase records, and instruction manuals.
  • Do not alter or try to fix the product
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Companies will often claim that they can’t be held responsible if a consumer was injured when not using the product “as directed.” However, many victims are hurt when they use the product in a way that could be predicted by a reasonable designer or manufacturer. These victims still have legal rights.

If the manufacturer or anyone that could potentially be a defendant asks for the product, do not give it to them. It is very important to maintain possession of the product. In addition, do not tamper with the product in any way. Altering the product, even if it is just so you can use it again, can severely damage the credibility of your case. GoldenbergLaw’s personal injury lawyers use our decades of experience in these complicated, highly technical cases to evaluate your claim.

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