Bair Hugger - Hip and Knee Infections

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What is the Bair Hugger?

Since the 1980s, Bair Hugger warming blankets have been used during a variety of surgeries to decrease the risk of hypothermia by circulating warm air over the body during surgery. It is made up of a disposable inflatable blanket and a reusable Forced Air Warming blower.

What makes the Bair Hugger Dangerous?

Studies suggest that the Bair Hugger may increase the spread of contaminant particles during surgery and may increase the risk of serious infection during orthopedic surgery, such as hip and knee implant procedures.

Who makes the Bair Hugger?

The Bair Hugger was developed by Dr. Scott D. Augustine in 1988 and sold to 3M in 2009. Dr. Augustine now says the device is no longer safe for use during orthopedic surgery.

What type of injuries does the Bair Hugger cause?

In knee and hip surgeries, the Bair Hugger may increase the risk of developing an infection deep in the joint. These infections are resistant to antibiotics, often resulting in additional surgeries, and potentially amputation or even death.

Help From Our Twin Cities Attorneys

If you or a family member has had a hip or knee implant surgery where the physicians used a Bair Hugger blanket and suffered a post-surgery infection because of it, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At GoldenbergLaw, our Minneapolis defective device attorneys have decades of experience helping members of our community seek justice when a medical device has injured them. We can review your case for free and help you determine if you should file a lawsuit.

If you have recourse to file a lawsuit because a Bair Hugger blanket caused you to suffer, we may be able to get you compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Insurance claims
  • Loss of employment due to injuries/infections sustained
  • Loss of benefits
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Pain and suffering

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