After a Defective Product Injury

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Defective products are the scourges of the American marketplace. Instead of spending the time and resources required to manufacture a safe, effective product, some companies cut corners and produce goods that put innocent consumers in danger.

This this is unacceptable. At GoldenbergLaw, our personal injury lawyers are passionate about holding these companies accountable. And it's because of that commitment that we urge you to take certain steps to protect your legal rights if you’ve suffered an injury from a defective product.

If you want the company that hurt you to be held accountable for their negligence, you have to handle the aftermath of the incident correctly.

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Take The Right Steps: Advice from Defective Product Lawyers

What you do after a defective product injury can have a significant impact on the success or failure of any future legal action. Fortunately, we're here to guide you.

After being hurt by a defective product you should:

  • Keep the product. Don't do anything to put yourself in danger, of course, but if you can safely keep the product in your possession, do so. Physical evidence might prove crucial for any legal action. If keeping the product is too dangerous, take many photographs so that you have a visual record of its physical state.
  • Immediately seek medical attention. The most important consideration here is your health, so don't take it for granted. Don't dismiss any injuries or symptoms. See your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Assemble any documentation you might have related to the product. This includes purchase records, technical information, owner's manuals or user instructions. It might seem over-the-top, but you can never have enough evidence in a defective products case. Also, you should request copies of any medical records documenting your injuries and treatment.
  • Finally, arrange a consultation with our defective products lawyers. Delaying can put your claim at risk, and you want to move fast to ensure that a professional investigation is possible. Others across the country might have been hurt by the same product, and the only way to know is to take the first step and report the incident.

Though our office is located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a long track record of successfully pursuing complicated litigation outside the state. We are currently handling defective drug and device cases involving clients from across the country, so don't hesitate to speak to us about your injuries.

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