A Lawyer's Ethical Obligation

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Choosing the right personal injury lawyer in Minnesota isn't just about finding a skilled, aggressive attorney. It's also about ensuring that your lawyer scrupulously adheres to his or her ethical obligations.

Lawyers operate under an elaborate series of ethical rules that constrain and guide our conduct. These rules ensure that a lawyer is behaving in a decent, just and fair fashion.

At GoldenbergLaw, our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience. We've proven that we're capable, ethical attorneys who always look out for our clients' interests. And we look forward to the opportunity to prove that to you.

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Fighting For You

As noted, there are a number of specific, complicated ethical codes to which lawyers have to adhere. This page isn't an attempt to provide a comprehensive discussion of all these codes.

However, we want you to understand just how seriously we take our duties and our ethics. As such, here are a few of the ethical tenets that define GoldenbergLaw:

  • No false promises: No personal injury lawyer can promise you a specific result or monetary settlement. We can provide you with a reasoned assessment of a case's chances of success, but we will not make promises we can't keep, and we will never mislead you as to the viability of your claim.
  • Your Interests Are Paramount: Once we take your case and officially enter into an attorney-client relationship, we are bound to fight for your best interests, not ours. Every piece of advice or counsel we provide you will be part of an attempt to do what's right for you. Whether that's advising you to settle, to fight on or to pursue a particular strategy, we are obligated to always keep your interests foremost in our minds.
  • Maintaining confidentiality: Attorney-client confidentiality is sacrosanct. Anything you tell us during our relationship will be kept between us. You must feel free to share all relevant details of your case with us, even if some of those details are embarrassing or unpleasant. We will never betray your trust.
  • Clear client communication: Our Minnesota personal injury lawyers will not keep you guessing as to the status of your case. We maintain clear lines of communication throughout the legal proceedings. We believe we have an obligation to ensure that you are kept informed and up-to-date on your case.

We welcome all questions regarding the attorney-client relationship and how it might apply to your case. You can ask these questions at your free initial case evaluation or at any point during our relationship.

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