Defective Medical Devices

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What is a Defective Medical Device?

The purpose of a medical device is to help a patient. Even the most profit-driven medical device manufacturers develop and market their products with the goal of making a patient’s life better. Unfortunately, some of these devices malfunction and can cause great harm. This can happen when a device fails, is used improperly, or used off-label. For example, an IVC blood clot filter is intended to stop patients from developing blood clots. However, we now know it can fracture and migrate inside the body, causing horrible bleeding, injury, and death.

Defective Medical Device Warnings

Another defect may be found in the product warning. Manufacturers of medical devices have a legal duty to warn doctors of potential risks associated with drugs and medical devices. The risks must also be updated when necessary to make the warnings complete and clear. Once a warning has been updated, it typically becomes the doctor's responsibility to weigh the potential risks against the benefits of using the medical product.

Defective Procedure Involving Medical Devices

As with drugs, medical devices are created to ease pain, help with disabilities, and save lives. However, when these devices fail they may cause serious injury and sometimes death. These devices only meet the Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) guidelines after numerous studies proving they function properly. Some defects may be the result of inadequate testing in a rush to get a product on the market.

Defective Medical Device Recalls

Some defects do not become apparent until a product has been sold on the market for a period of time. The testing process used to receive market approval from the FDA generally only tests the short-term, making long-term defects difficult to detect. For this reason, the FDA monitors medical devices once they are on the market. When a dangerous defect or risk is discovered, the instrument is recalled or warning is issued.

Common Defective Medical Devices

It is important to be aware of what medical devices are being used on you and to monitor any negative issues that may arise. Some medical devices found to be defective are the following:

·         Zimmer Nexgen knee implant

·         Artificial hip replacements

·         Depuy ASR Hip System

·         Stryker hip replacement components

·         Medtronic Infuse BMP

·         Medtronic Paradigm pump

·         Bair Hugger surgical blanket

·         Zimmer Persona Trabecular knee implant

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